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Wooden Cupboard Door G-102-2
Wooden Cupboard Door G-103-2
Wooden Cupboard Door G-104
Wooden Cupboard Door G-104-2
Wooden Cupboard Door G-106
Unscratchable Acrylic Cupboard Door 0016

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In 1983, Göktaş family has started their own production in a small workshop in Izmir. Later they continued the production Trading Company has started to work as a company. In 2001, they registered Rinodoor trademark with their quality and technology and became one of the chosen brand of the interior door industry. 3 years later they moved to their first large factory and start producing ready panel doors, door frames (case) and door jambs. They renewed their producing line with the best quality and the fastest machines and equipment, after that they became one of the preferred brand in their sector. Göktaş Cabinet Doors start producing Membrane Cabinet Doors in 2004 with using advanced mtechnology machinery line and also using the best quality and best customer satisfaciton motto the became a Turkish brand. And after that Göktaş brand became preferred brand in the international arena with their service quality. In 2008 they added Aluminum Cabinet Doors to their product range with new technological investment and they protected and continued to best product service. In 2009 with the emergence of Acrylic Cabinet Doors, Göktaş added new machinery to their machinery park and they continued their high quality products and good service policy. In year 2012 till today are opening Göktaş Yapı Market hardware and accessories store for the furniture indusrty. Göktaş has completed large investment of the ready kitchen cabinet system in 2014. Right now they start offering and start marketing also their ready cabinets systems in the market with dekofark brand. Göktaş till today provide with qualified and meticulous service policy, providing with the customer a good communications network, structuring policies and expansion of the target product range and with proud they bring their service quality one step ahead every single Göktaş has established marketing, sales, production and delivery network works 24 hours non-stop in an integrity and thoroughness, for our customer receives a better service. Goktas continously develops and works to present better services with its 2 construction markets, 12 branches and 4 facilities in Turkey and 4 branches and 1 facility in abroad.



“29 Ekim Mah., 339. Sk. No: 7, Yazıbaşı, İzmir, Turkey”

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